About senior living in Lower Moreland

The Artis Mission

Our commitment to compassionate, customized memory care began back in the late 1950’s, when Stewart Bainum, Sr., opened and operated some of the first senior living residences in the United States. Senior living has since evolved to include a wide range of options. Artis residences are exclusively devoted to senior memory care. Three generations of the Bainum family continue the legacy of Bainum, Sr., through their involvement with the more than 30 Artis Senior Living memory care residences in operation or in development across the country.

The care partners at Artis bring decades of collective experience in the fields of senior living and memory care. Many of our associates understand the complexities of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia from both a professional and personal perspective. They realize first hand the direct benefits of two-way communication and resident empowerment in creating individualized care programs.

Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley

(267) 571-1721

2085 Lieberman Drive Lower Moreland, PA 19006 US

Intentional Design

Artis Senior Living is constructed of four neighborhoods that connect at Town Center. Distinctly recognizable neighborhoods, with smaller scale living spaces and residential finishes, offer a warmth and familiarity that makes recognizing and navigating the space easier. The Town Center complements the quiet living areas with larger spaces for getting together, creating, exchanging ideas, or scheduling a haircut or a wellness check in.

Come by for a visit, and see why residents are happy to call Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley.

Every aspect of our Lower Moreland senior living community is thoughtfully designed