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Our commitment to compassionate, positive adult care stretches back to 1960 when Stewart Bainum Sr. pioneered adult care with adult living residences. By the 1980s, the Bainum Family expanded their focus to include memory care and other essential services. From there, Bainum’s original concept of adult care expanded and evolved into modern assisted living.

Today, three generations of the Bainum family, along with other leading adult living executives, bring their years of experience to the Artis board of directors. As the owner/operator of over 30 assisted living residences either in operation, or in development, Artis focuses on memory care for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Through our mission of compassionate, individualized care, our associates, residents, and their families join together to create a haven of dignity, empowerment, wellbeing, and comfort.

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Supportive Design

When it comes to creating a supportive environment for people living with a memory loss illness, the layout and surroundings are just as important as the quality of care provided. This is why Artis communities are divided into distinct neighborhoods, each with a unique look and feel, to help residents navigate shared spaces with more confidence and ease. Each neighborhood includes air conditioned suites for residents with complimentary curtains or blinds and WiFi.  Although our suites come fully furnished, residents are encouraged to bring beloved items from home to help turn their new suite into a warm, familiar space where they can feel comfortable and at ease.

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Every aspect of our Bethesda senior living community is thoughtfully designed