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Artis Senior Living of Potomac

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8301 River Road Bethesda, MD 20817 US

Welcome to Artis Senior Living of Potomac

At Artis Senior Living of Potomac, we understand that choosing the best care for a loved one living with memory loss can be a challenge, which is why we are excited to bring our unique approach to Memory Care to people in Bethesda, Maryland. Our mission is to enrich the everyday lives of people and bring peace of mind to their loved ones through open, two-way communication and positive attitudes. That’s the Artis Way

The heart of our care philosophy is personalized assistance and support based on each resident’s unique identity, needs, and abilities. Our kind and compassionate care associates invest time to establish meaningful connections with residents, so they may get to know the person who still exists beyond the disease. This is why you will find warm, inviting spaces and a vibrant community life with enriching opportunities for engagement and purposeful living.

Positive Partnerships the Artis Way

When a new idea or challenge presents itself, Artis associates say “Why not?” We believe in the power of positive thinking and embracing possibilities. We treat people, not just illnesses. Providing care the Artis Way means communication between our associates, residents, and their families, so we can create a community of support that stretches beyond our campus.

Join the Neighborhood

Residents of Artis Senior Living of Potomac benefit from a balance of privacy and an engaging community life, as well as comfortable furnishings and a warm, family atmosphere. Our community is laid out in distinct neighborhoods, each with a unique look and feel. This helps make shared spaces easy to navigate for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Each neighborhood includes an open kitchen, dining room, and a family room for casual social time and organized group activities. 

Having ample opportunities for engagement helps residents experience a greater sense of purpose and excitement for each new day. We focus on providing options that benefit the whole person, such as activities that stimulate the mind, nourish the spirit, and strengthen the body. There’s an art studio, beauty parlor/barbershop, and an inviting Town Center where community life thrives. 

Let us show you what is waiting at Artis Senior Living of Potomac. Call today to schedule a tour.

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