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Dementia Education

Support for Caregivers

As you care for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, you may find yourself overwhelmed and seeking more information. These downloadable resources will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the dementia journey.  

Preparing for the Progression of Dementia

It may be hard to think about how dementia will progress over the years, but taking steps early after diagnosis can help you prepare for the road ahead.

Myths and Facts about Memory Care

When choosing a memory care community, it’s important to clear your head of any misconceptions about memory care to uncover what really matters. 

Navigating Care Decisions with Multiple Family Members

Family members all have their own dynamic opinions and emotions which can make choosing the right care for your loved one even harder. To help you navigate this decision-making process, we’ve compiled these helpful points to consider. 

Navigating the Transition to Memory Care

If you’re preparing to move a loved one to a memory care community, ease the transition by taking steps to help them adjust. 

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