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Top Risk Factors for Dementia

January 8, 2019
Categories: Research

Dementia is a common concern for many seniors and their loved ones, as it can be a challenging disease given the major impact it tends to have on the daily life and overall quality of living experienced by those affected. Finding the right kind of help can be overwhelming, but it is far from impossible thanks to dedicated memory care providers like the ones you will find in an Artis Senior Living community. Perhaps even more difficult is understanding the cause of these life-altering diseases. 

While some factors, such as age, are more intuitive, there are many health and lifestyle factors which can contribute to the likelihood of developing a memory loss illness such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Here are some of the more common causes and risk factors associated with memory loss, as well as some tips for how to mitigate or reduce their impact on your or your loved one’s health.

Non-Preventable Risk Factors of Dementia & Alzheimer’s 

  • Family History – those with a parent or sibling with Alzheimer’s are at an increased risk for developing the disease. 
  • Genetics –  there are two types of genes to consider: risk and deterministic. Alzheimer’s genes have been found in both. Read more about Genetics and Alzheimer’s from the Alzheimer’s Association. 
  • Latino and African American Heritage – Those of Latino or African American heritage are more at risk for developing the disease.

Preventable Risk Factors of Dementia & Alzheimer’s

  • Head Injury – to reduce the risk of brain injuries which can contribute to dementia, always wear your seatbelt in the car and protective headgear, such as a helmet, while engaging in activities like bike riding and other sports.  
  • Falls –  even falls can cause brain injuries, which can increase the risk for dementia. Preventing falls at home is important for seniors, which is why Artis Senior Living communities offer 24-hour supervision and care for seniors. 
  • Heart Health – While heart health can be considered both a non-preventable and preventable risk factor, the important thing to note is that there is evidence linking cardiovascular health to memory loss. A Johns Hopkins University study linked risk factors for heart disease to dementia.

Myth: Aluminum Causes Dementia 

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, there is currently no strong evidence supporting the theory that common exposure to aluminium, such as food stored in cans, increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Finding Local Experts in Memory Care

If you have an aging loved one who is struggling with memory loss, or perhaps just beginning to show signs of it, connecting with your local Alzheimer’s and dementia experts as soon as possible can provide a wealth of benefits for you both. Senior living communities focusing on memory care offer specially designed environments and treatment philosophies proven to help increase quality of life for seniors with memory loss. They are also known to provide a sense of relief and peace of mind for family and friends who no longer worry about the welfare of their loved one. 

To find a memory care community near you, visit Artis Senior Living today.

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