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How to Find a Memory Care Community

February 5, 2019
Categories: Planning

When a loved one begins to show signs of Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory loss illness, deciding how to provide the best quality care can be an emotionally taxing decision. Many of us feel we should care for our aging family members ourselves, because we care about their health, happiness, and fulfillment, and feel those things will be best provided in our own homes. 

The reality, however, is that when it comes to providing a high quality of living for those with memory impairment, dedicated memory care communities are able to provide many things that our private homes cannot, including secure surroundings, professional assistance, and supportive neighborhood settings.

At Artis Senior Living, we understand how difficult this decision can be, which is why we’ve put together this friendly guide to help you find the best memory care community near you.

Step 1: Make Your Budget

Budgeting for your loved one’s care can be complicated, but there are many resources available to help. If you are unsure how to do this, we recommend contacting your local senior care communities to ask about pricing. Many will also offer help with learning about insurance and other resources.

Step 2: Choose a Location that Works for You and Your Loved One

Deciding on a location can be challenging, especially if an aging adult is relocating to be near loved ones. There are a few things to keep in mind to help make the best choice available.

Regular visits from loved ones are a treat for many of us, but they can make a world of difference in the lives of those living with memory loss. This is why choosing a location that facilitates regular visits is a great idea. The other thing to think about is access to familiar, trusted medical providers, because the ability to maintain an established doctor-patient relationship can be very comforting in times of change.

Step 3: Shop Around

To help you get a better idea of what kind of care options are available, spend some time learning about the different philosophies and practices used in the memory care communities near you. Many providers of professional memory care, like Artis Senior Living, take time to create personalized care plans for each resident based on their unique needs, abilities, and personal preferences.

Not only will learning more about memory care help you make the best choice for your loved one, it may also help put your mind at ease once you see how professional memory care communities can bring true joy and fulfillment into your loved one’s life. With round-the-clock care, an encouraging atmosphere, and supportive surroundings, your loved one can thrive in a complete environment tailored to help them embrace independence to the best of their abilities.

Step 4: Tour the Communities

Once you have an idea which memory care communities in your area have the best care and amenities for your loved one, visit them in person. This is the fun part, so bring your whole family along and make a day of it! One idea is to first make solo trips to all communities you’re considering, and then bring your family to your top choices.

If your local options are limited, it is still a good idea to take a tour and learn how things work ahead of time. This can help you make the transition smoother for your loved one, who may feel like they are losing their independence. The good news is that many residents enjoy a greater sense of self-reliance than when they lived alone, as our onsite staff and intentionally designed spaces are all crafted to encourage independent movement and activity.

Step 5: Reserve Your Space, Plan the Move

Once the decision has been made, you will need to reserve a space and plan the move. Many communities have a waiting list, so there may be some additional wait time before the move can occur. Also be sure to ask about move-in assistance, as some communities will offer referrals to local movers or other options to help make the process easier.

When the big day comes, make it a celebratory event, because this is a good day! Your loved one is about to join a community designed to help them live a richer and more fulfilling lifestyle. If you can, have family and friends help pack, serve snacks, and, most important, keep the mood light and positive.

Contact Artis Senior Living

To find an Artis memory care community near you, contact us today. We’ll be happy to share with you The Artis Way, our commitment to excellence and service in senior living and memory care.

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