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Planning for a Loved One's Future After a Dementia Diagnosis

August 20, 2019
Categories: Planning

Receiving a dementia diagnosis for your loved one can leave you feeling overwhelmed. At Artis Senior Living, we want to help you and your loved one through this health transition. If your approach to memory care is proactive, you can provide peace-of-mind for your loved one. To help you navigate the future, we’ve put together a list of action items that can help you create a concrete plan for both you and your loved one.

1. Establish Power of Attorney

The first step in any care plan is to assign someone power of attorney. A power of attorney allows a dedicated person to make decisions regarding your loved one’s healthcare and finances. You can ask your loved one who they prefer or choose a family member who feels most comfortable taking on these responsibilities. You may need to make an appointment with a lawyer; however, many states allow you to submit a signed and notarized power of attorney form.

2. Research Estate and Finances

It is important to gather all the information you can about your loved one’s estate and finances. Be sure to ask your loved one about open checking and savings accounts, credit cards, retirement funds, and 401K savings plans. In addition, keep track of all of your loved one’s assets. It’s also essential to make note of their health benefits. Especially if your loved one relies on Medicare or has a life insurance policy. If you organize this information now, you can make informed decisions and save time and energy as you move forward.

3. Finalize a Will

For some people, finalizing a will can be the most difficult part of the process. While these discussions can be uncomfortable, they are necessary. Conversations about your loved one’s wishes is the best way to ensure your they are honored. If they already have a will in place, this might be a good time to review and make sure they are comfortable with its directives. If they need to create a new will, your research into the estate and finances will come in handy. Simplify the process by taking care of the legal paperwork for both the power of attorney and the will during the same appointment with your lawyer.

4. Develop a Care Plan

It is important that you do your research during this time of transition so you can make an informed decision about the future. Compare senior living communities in your neighborhood with your local in-home health care options. Once you understand the benefits of each potential path, you can talk to your loved one and family members about how best to move forward. Whether or not your loved one is in need of immediate care, it will help you understand the memory care options available to you and your loved one.

Let Artis Senior Living help simplify local senior care. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized memory care services.

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