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What to Look for in a Memory Care Community

September 3, 2019
Categories: Planning

Choosing the right Memory Care community for your loved one isn't always easy. At Artis Senior Living, we want to help you navigate this complicated decision so that when you are ready to explore Memory Care living options you are prepared. These tips will help guide you through the process and offer advice on what to look for when selecting a new home for your loved one.

1. Memory Care Options

It’s important to understand the levels of service a Memory Care community offers. Asking for details about Memory Care and medical services, including medical care for illnesses and disease, will help you determine if the care offered matches your loved one’s needs. Because this is likely a long-term solution for your loved one, you want to know the community you choose provides a calm, safe space for your loved one to continue living in an environment they enjoy.

2. Staff Capabilities & Training

The community’s staff and doctors are key to ensuring your loved one is well-cared for. It’s important to ask about training and continuing education requirements for Memory Care staff as well as understand staffing ratios. For example, if your loved one experiences mood swings or sundown syndrome, you’ll want to know they are well-cared for when you aren’t around. This information will help you decide if a Memory Care community is the right fit for your loved one.

3. Services & Features

It’s important to find a community that places a priority on Memory Care and dementia. You want to ensure that the community places your loved one’s needs first. For example, if family involvement is important to your loved one, ask what opportunities there are to allow you and other family members to actively participate in their life.

Another important aspect of the community is events – ask to see their calendar of events. Does the community offer opportunities for activities that will engage your loved one? Finally, find out information on dining options and food plans. Choosing a community that provides dining that allows your loved one to engage with their Memory Care community is important, especially if you are not able to visit them daily.

4. Philosophy

It’s also necessary to know the community’s philosophy on dementia and Memory Care. Does the philosophy of the Memory Care facility resonate with you and your loved one? Does it offer activities that engage and delight your loved one, such as secure access to the outdoors or community interiors that are easy to navigate and maintain comfortable design. The Memory Care community you and your loved one decide on should feel like home.

Take a look at the Artis Senior Living blog for more information about helping a loved one who has dementia or another memory loss illness.

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