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4 Cold-Weather Activities for Your Loved One Living with Dementia

December 4, 2019
Categories: Activities

With shorter days and colder weather, it can be a challenge for you and your loved one to get out and stay active. To help those with dementia enjoy the chillier weather, touch, sight, smell, and taste can be incorporated into these 4 fun activities. These engaging experiences can increase your loved one’s quality of life, allow you to spend time together, and bring them a sense of tranquility.

Warm Drinks & Light Walks

Aerobic activities are a great way to promote health in your loved one with dementia. Physical activity can assist in maintaining strength and muscle tone. Take an afternoon to walk in a natural setting and enjoy the fresh air. Keep them comfortable with scarves, sweaters, coats, gloves, and hats. A warm drink to sip on during your walk is a wonderful way to spend time together. For those who are less mobile, ensure that this activity can be modified to work with their mobility.

Go to a Performance

Visual and auditory engagement can help your loved one resonate with familiar and pleasant sounds or sights. Attending a performance can be a fun event for you and your loved one to experience together and it makes it easier to connect with one another while escaping the cold temperatures. Find a local theater to visit and take in an orchestra, ballet, or play performance.

Take a Scenic Drive

Go for a drive to a familiar place that is part of your loved one’s past or take them to a scenic viewing area. The scenery from a hillside or sights along a body of water can spark memories and create joy for those with dementia. This is a wonderful option for those that are less mobile, as this activity is easy to experience from the warmth of a car without needing a lot of dexterity. Music can be a comforting element to pair with this experience. Try a genre they love or some tunes from their childhood to add to your scenic drive.

Stay In

The winter months can bring snowy roads and sidewalks, or even extreme temperatures. Help your loved one feel comfortable by cozying up with them and staying in together. Hunkering down under blankets and reading books aloud while sitting by a fire can be a peaceful activity to do together. Relaxing indoors while working on crafts, puzzles, painting or going through photo albums are also great indoor options. The deeper connections that can be made with your loved one during these down times are ones you will treasure forever.

Visit the Artis Senior Living blog for more tips and ideas on celebrating the holidays with your loved one living with dementia.

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