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How To Cope With Social Distancing from Your Senior Loved One

April 7, 2020
Categories: COVID-19

With the current state of our world, you may not be able to visit your senior loved one in their community or their home. This can be a trying time for both of you and your family members. Artis Senior Living looks at some ways you can cope with this unfortunate new normal during the coronavirus outbreak.

Staying Calm During a Pandemic

During a pandemic, you can begin to feel like you are losing control. The future seems uncertain, and the incoming news and information becomes overwhelming. However, keeping your daily routine consistent is critical to managing your emotional wellbeing. And, although you may not be able to visit your senior loved one, you can include them in this daily routine via a phone call or communicate through technology like FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Your daily routine should also include a consistent sleeping, eating, and exercise schedule. In addition, it’s important to unplug from the ongoing news and instead stay in the moment. The more you are able to stay calm using these tips, the more likely your loved one can do the same.

Staying Connected During the Coronavirus

Given the parameters set for social distancing from our loved ones, it’s time to get creative with how we reach out to them. In addition to old-fashioned letter writing or the typical phone call, fortunately there are many ways we can do this with technology. FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom are all great options for scheduling virtual visits with your loved one. Facebook is also a good option for instant messaging and sharing family photos with your senior loved one. For online games to engage in with your senior, Words With Friends 2 is a great choice. If you or your loved one have issues setting these up on your phone, computer, or iPad, reach out to a community staff member or call a neighbor or friend for help. Here at Artis Senior Living communities, you can also still drop off packages for your loved one – a favorite food, crossword puzzles or games, or even a simple Nintendo DS gaming system, through which you can interact via games like Animal Crossing.

Communication with Your Senior Living Facility Staff

Keeping in touch with your senior loved one’s community is crucial during this time. It can bring you peace of mind just to talk with a staff member when you’re unable to visit. Artis encourages you to check their Facebook page and the Artis Senior Living website for policy updates and to use VoiceFriend in your specific community. Artis understands your concern for your family member, and calling, emailing, or texting with questions or clarifications is welcomed. When reaching out to your senior’s community or caregiver, remember to express your appreciation and gratitude for their care of your loved one. Patience, understanding, and active listening during this time is necessary to keep all communications clear and positive.

For more suggestions on communicating during these challenging times, visit the Artis Senior Living blog.

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