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Visitation Policy 631-493-7030

Visitation Policy

Visitation - New York State Health Advisory

Revised 6/11/21

General Information:

These procedures are to be followed and practiced for indoor visitation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.                                                                              


Artis Senior Living recognizes that physical separation from family and other loved ones may take a physical and emotional toll on our residents.  Residents may feel socially isolated, leading to an increased risk for depression, anxiety, and other expressions of distress.  Residents with cognitive impairment may find visitor restrictions and other ongoing changes related to COVID-19 confusing or upsetting.  Artis Senior Living understands that assisted living and memory care residents derive value from the physical emotional and spiritual support they receive through visitation from family friends.  In light of this, Artis Senior Living has implemented guidance regarding visitation in its communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


 GUIDELINES FOR Indoor visitation 

  1. Indoor visits may occur 7 days a week.

  2. There is no limit on length of visits, unless otherwise mandated by state.

  3. Visits within a resident’s apartment do not require an appointment.

  4. There is no limit on number of visitors when visits occur within the resident’s room.

  5. Visitation outside of the resident’s room (i.e. studio visit, etc.) must be scheduled in advance with community’s Executive Director and The Director of Artis Way Experience, to ensure visitation space is available and area can safely accommodate number of visitors, while promoting safe social-distancing.

  6. Visits will be unsupervised, but Artis associates will monitor visitation areas (unless otherwise mandated by state).

  7. Artis associates may limit the number of visitors entering the main entrance at one time to ensure proper social-distancing between guests; visitors may be asked to remain outside until other guests have been screened and have exited the main entrance.

  8. All visitors who enter the community, must wear surgical mask/KN95, sign in, have temperature check and will complete COVID Symptom Questionnaire.

  9. Visitation will be denied if visitor presents with temperature 99 degrees or higher, or if visitor presents with COVID symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell, etc.)

  10. Surgical mask/KN95 MUST be worn appropriately when in resident areas (i.e. walking to/from resident’s room, during studio visits, etc.)    regardless of vaccination status.

  11. Visitors must wash hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer prior to visit.

  12. Visitors will be reminded to go directly to designated visitation area to ensure proper social-distancing between visitor, residents and associates.

  13. Visitors must remain in designated visitation areas throughout entire visit.

  14. Artis will continue to assume that any visitor who does not provide proof of vaccination status, is un-vaccinated, and must don mask within resident’s apartment.

  15. If resident and visitor are both fully-vaccinated, and visit occurs within resident’s private room, mask is not required (where permissible by state). 

  16. If visit occurs within the resident’s room and physical contact is desired between resident and visitor, and both are fully-vaccinated, a mask is not required; if either resident or visitor is not fully-vaccinated, we recommend that both wear a mask during physical contact;  thorough hand- hygiene should be performed before and after contact for each scenarios.

  17. Cleaning and disinfecting of designated visitation area will occur following each visit.

  18. If a visitor does not comply with one or more of these public health practices, he/she will be asked to leave the community, and his/her visitation status will be reassessed by the community, in order to protect associates and other residents.

  19. In the event of a positive resident or associate, indoor visitation may only continue where permissible by state, if community meets criteria, and only in areas where there are no COVID-19 cases.

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