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Artis Senior Living of Briarcliff Manor Visitation Policy 914-236-4711

Artis Senior Living of Briarcliff Manor Visitation Policy

Visitation - New York State Health Advisory

June 2021


It is the policy of Artis Senior Living to respect and maintain the relationships of our residents.  This is achieved through our residents receiving visitors in a safe manner that is in line with the guidelines as set forth by the New York State Department of Health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to our associates and visitors regarding the allowance of visitation in the community.


Core Principles

The core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention and best practices to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission include, by not limited to:

  • Screening of all who enter the community for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and denial of entry of those with signs or symptoms or those who have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 infection in the prior fourteen (14) days (regardless of vaccination status)
  • Encourage, but not require, unvaccinated visitors to become vaccinated when they have the opportunity, as vaccination can help prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Hand hygiene (use of alcohol-based hand rub is preferred)
  • The use of face coverings (covering mouth and nose) and social distancing in accordance with New York State and/or guidance consistent with vaccination status-applicable guidance per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Instructional signage throughout the community and proper visitor education on COVID-19 signs and symptoms, infection control precautions, and other applicable community practices.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting high frequency touch surfaces and designated visitation areas in the community often, and after each visit.
  • Appropriate associates use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Effective cohorting of residents
  • Residents in isolation or observation, and residents with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 status, irrespective of vaccination status, may not have visitors outside of compassionate care and/or end-of-life situations.

These core principles are consistent with federal guidelines and must be adhered to at all times. 


All visitors, regardless of age and/or accompaniment of an adult age 18 years or older, are permitted to visit at this time.  However, visitors who are unwilling and/or unable to adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention may not be permitted to visit and/or may be asked to leave the community.

Screening of Visitors

All visitors are screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to resident access and are refused access if they exhibit signs or symptoms, present with a temperature of 99°F or higher or do not pass the screening questions.  Screening consist of both temperature checks and screening questions to assess potential exposure to COVID-19 which includes questions regarding travel.  See attachment A.

If a perspective visitor has traveled they will not be allowed to visit until they have completed any required quarantine period and/or testing requirements as directed by New York State.

A visitor’s vaccination status does not absolve them from having to complete the screening process and does not have an effect on the outcome.

The community will maintain documentation of the screening questions asked onsite and make it available upon the Department of Health’s request.  In addition the community will maintain onsite in an electronic format and available upon the department’s request for the purpose of inspection and contact tracing the following information:

  • First and Last Name of Visitor
  • Physical Street Address of Visitor
  • Daytime and Evening Telephone Number
  • Date and Time of Visit
  • Email Address (if available)
  • A notation that the individual cleared the screening (both temperatures and questions) that does not include any individual temperatures or other individual specific information.

This information will be stored in an excel spreadsheet entitled “Visitation Log – COVID-19” and is located in the AllUsersBriarcliff Drive, Visitation – COVID-19 Folder.  It is the responsibility of a concierge to maintain this log.  In their absence the Director of Business Services will maintain the log.

COVID-19 Testing

The community does not require visitors to have proof of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test for visitation, nor will the community perform diagnostic testing of visitors.

Visitation and Hand Hygiene

The community will provide alcohol-based hand rub to visitors and/or representatives of the Long Term Care Ombudsman visiting residents and they are able to demonstrate appropriate use.

All visitors are required to perform hand hygiene prior to entering resident areas.

Visitation and PPE

All visitors are required to wear a facemask at all times.  The community will provide a facemask if a visitor arrives to the community lacking a facemask.  In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents, associates, and visitors no exceptions regarding facemask will be made.

Due to this requirement food and beverage are not allowed during visitation at this time.

Limitation of Movement

Visitors are expected and required to go directly to the intended resident’s room or designated visitation area.  In addition visitors must remain in resident’s suite or designated visitation area throughout the entire visit.

Restroom Use by Visitors

In the event that a visitor requires a restroom during their visit suites will be made available for them in the Haymont Estate neighborhood.  If the visitor is visiting in suites 101, 102, 104, 105, 106, or 107 they may utilize the restroom in the suite.  If the visit is occurring in a different area of the community the suites that will be designated for use by visitors will be suite 108, 109, and 110.  Visitors will not be allowed to use a restroom in designated resident space.

The bathroom will be cleaned by an associate after each use.


Residents are encourage to wear a facemask during their visitation as per New York State Department of Health.  The community will ensure that adequate PPE is available to provide residents with facemasks.

In addition current residents with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis (whether new or persistently positive), residents with signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, and residents in a fourteen (14) day quarantine or observation period are not eligible for visits.

For residents as described above the community will continue to respect and maintain the relationships of our residents by arranging for alternative visitation techniques, such as window visits. 

The community will also use technology in providing connections to the residents.  Technologies available include, but not limited to, telephone, skype, FaceTime, and zoom.  In addition other modes of communication as directed by the virtual visitor will be made available providing the community can reasonably accommodate.

Social Distance

At this time visitation is limited to socially distant visitation.  Appropriately socially distant is defined as a minimum of six (6) feet.


Staffing Levels

Adequate associates are present to allow for associates to provide assistance with the transition of residents, and cleaning and disinfecting of designated visitation areas.

Associate PPE

Associates are required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while in the community.  Associates are educated on when to don appropriate PPE.  In addition associates are educated on proper donning and doffing procedures.


The community maintains signage regarding facemask utilization and hand hygiene practices.  In addition the community uses applicable floor markings to cue social distancing delineations.

The designated visitation areas where visitors and residents will meet are appropriately disinfected between visits using an EPA-approved disinfectant. 

The community will provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer to visitors and residents in areas of visitation.

Visitation Location

Outdoor visitation poses a lower risk of transmission due to increase space and airflow.  Therefore the community will have visitation outdoors whenever practical.  Outdoor visitation will not be conducted in the event of inclement weather (i.e. precipitation, excessively hot or cold temperatures, poor air quality, high winds, thunder/lightening).  Outdoor visitation will not be conducted if outdoor visitation would negatively affect the resident due to their health status.

Outdoor Visitation

Outdoor visitation may take place on the covered patio of the Haymont Estate and Scarborough Park and within the garden area, maintaining social distance between individuals.  NOTE: that the availability to use either the Scarborough Park Covered Patio and the Garden may vary based on programming and other residents’ locations.

Maximum amount of individuals that can safely socially distance within the identified areas:


Number of Residents

Number of Visitors Per Resident

Total Number of Individuals

Haymont Estate Covered Patio




Scarborough Park Covered Patio





Varies based on programming and other residents’ locations

Indoor Visitation

The community will accommodate and support indoor visitation, including visits beyond compassionate care situations.

All indoor visitation will be a private visit and will occur in the Haymont Estate Living Room, suites 101, 102, 104, 105, 106, and/or 107, and the resident’s personal suite.  All individuals will maintain appropriate social distancing.

Maximum amount of individuals that can safely socially distance within the identified areas:


Number of Residents

Number of Visitors Per Resident

Total Number of Individuals

Haymont Estate Living Room Area




Suite 101




Suite 102




Suite 104




Suite 105




Suite 106




Suite 107




Resident Personal Suite




Activation of the Cohorting Policy

In the event that the community is required to activate its cohorting policy then all visitation in the Haymont Neighborhood, which includes, suite 101, suite 102, suite 104, suite 105, suite 106, suite 107, Haymont Estate Living Room, and the Haymont Estate Outdoor Patio will be canceled and/or changed to an appropriate location within the community (based on resident/visitor preference and the amount of visitors).

Visitation Hours/Schedule

At this time visitation in a covered patio or designated visitation area must be prescheduled.  “Standing appointments” will not be scheduled in order to ensure an opportunity for all visitors and residents to visit.

Visits located within a resident’s suite does not require an appointment.

Visitation will occur 7 days a week.  There is no restriction on the length of time for a visitation.

Visitation is recommended to occur between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM.

Visitation Exceptions for Location

In addition if you wish to have a larger group gathering than what is outlined above, accommodations may be made and scheduled on a case by case basis with advance approval by the Executive Director.  Any larger group gatherings will be subject to any guidance provided by the New York State Department of Health.

Supervision of Visitation

Visitors will be educated to activate the call bell in an event of emergency with the resident or if they require assistance.

For visitations occurring in the Haymont Living Room the visitor will be given the cordless phone for Haymont Estate and provided education on how to contact the concierge in the event of an emergency with the resident or if they require assistance.

Suspension of Visitation

Visitation may be suspended by the New York State Department of Health.  The Department of Health reserves the right to restrict visitation at any point.

In addition visitors who are unwilling and/or unable to adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention may not be permitted to visit and/or may be asked to leave the community.

Compassionate Care Visits

As directed by the New York State Department of Health the community is permitted to allow visitation that may not otherwise be permitted in accordance with the Department of Health’s current visitation guidance.  Compassionate Care Visits include, but not limited to:

  • Newly admitted residents with difficulty adjusting to the community environment and lack of in-person family support.
  • Residents recently grieving the loss of a friend or loved one.
  • Residents who previously received in-person support and/or cueing from a family for eating and drinking and are now experience dehydration and/or weight loss.
  • Residents who are exhibiting signs and symptoms of emotional distress including, but not limited to, seldomly speaking or crying more frequently (when the residents had rarely cried in the past), refusing to participate in life enrichment programs, staying in bed longer than usual, or exhibiting behavior considered abnormal for the individual.
  • Residents who receive religious or spiritual support from clergy or other layperson.

Additional Compassionate Care Visits situations may be considered by the community on a resident-specific basis.

All Compassionate Care Visit situations must be approved by the Executive Director, Director of Health and Wellness and/or the Director of the Artis Way Experience and documented in the residents’ medical record prior to their start.

Individuals visiting as Compassionate Care Visitors will be included in the maximum number of individuals visiting.

Transparency of Visitation Policy

A copy of the community’s formal visitation plan is posted on our website and broadcasted via email to provide visitors with clear guidelines for visiting. 

In addition any announcements required regarding visitation will be broadcasted using our website and via email using the VoiceFriend communication tool.

Program Compliance

A team appointed by the operator and consisting of the Executive Director (Quality Assurance Manager), Director of Health and Wellness and the Director of the Artis Way Experience (Case Manager) will review visitation program compliance.

Subject to Change

Due to the ongoing evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic this policy is subject to change without advance notification.

The community also reserves the right to change visitation at any time based on the community’s ability to maintain the conditions as set forth by the New York State Department of Health that are required to allow for safe and supervised visitation. 

Notifications will be made using our website and by email using VoiceFriend. 

For individuals who do not have an email address or access to the internet, a telephone call will be made by the Executive Director, Director of Health and Wellness, Director of the Artis Way Experience, or designee informing them of the change in policy.  The policy will then be mailed to their preferred address.

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