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Artis Guiding Principles


At Artis Senior Living, we are dedicated to the A.R.T.I.S. philosophy which reinforces that every task is executed with a passion and focus that ensures the satisfaction and well-being of our residents, families, professional partners, and associates.

Ability to Have a Voice

We believe it is important that everyone has a voice, and that it is valued. At Artis Senior Living, residents and their families are valued members of the community—and we create forums to allow their voices to be heard. We host a variety of forums to encourage open discussion between residents, family, staff and managers about community wellness, food choices and everything in between. At Artis, we want to hear your voice. 

Respecting and Maintaining Relationships

We recognize that all relationships matter. Every Artis community nurtures partnerships with local health providers and senior living specialists. Within our communities, each person has the power to express their needs and voice their concerns through associate resolution programs and confidential reporting. Our most treasured relationships are the partnerships we forge with our residents and families. Dedicated Directors of The Artis Way. Experience conduct extensive onboarding interviews to build a foundation of trust which is maintained through open and regular communication.

Treasuring Each Person’s Uniqueness

With Artis, you can be sure that your unique needs are met and your one-of-a-kind spirit is honored and engaged. We don’t expect you to fit into our community. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our community and programs are designed around you. With Partnership Profiles, a detailed history that tells the story of the person’s life, and choice in celebrations and holidays, who you are matters at Artis.


Integrity is the backbone of everything we do at Artis. We encourage every member of the Artis team to stay connected and contribute to the greater community with our Community Assistance Network (CAN). CAN is a volunteer opportunity for residents which keeps them connected to those organizations they were once a part of. Discover volunteer opportunities, letter-writing programs, special events, as well as continuing education and training for our compassionate team of senior care professionals. And we’re proud of it.

Success and Recognition

We believe that a job well done deserves special mention. That is why we’ve created special awards and recognition programs to showcase the high-caliber individuals who make the Artis community. From partnership awards, employee recognitions programs, mentoring, photo books and our wall of fame, both residents and team members find a number of ways to shine at Artis.

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