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COVID-19 Message from Artis Senior Living (484) 831-5310

COVID-19 Message from Artis Senior Living

Coronavirus Protocol Updates

*Last Updated 7/31/20

As the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 continues, we are taking continued measures to keep our residents and associates safe. We would like to detail measures Artis Senior Living communities are implementing to fight COVID-19.

  • Only community associates and end-of-life care/visitors permitted; end of life care/visitors are required to complete COVID-19 symptom questionnaire, have temperature checked, wash hands and don surgical mask and face shield or goggles prior to entering resident area; they are escorted by associate directly to resident’s room and are to remain there for the entire visit
  • Community associates will continue to have temperature checked before and after each shift; any associate who has symptoms and/or an elevated temperature, will be screened for COVID by DHW or designee.  Negative result will be required to return
  • When one associate or resident tests positive, all associates and residents in the community, who haven’t previously tested positive, will be tested.  Testing will begin in neighborhoods with confirmed cases and for those associates and residents that were in close contact with positive residents or associates
  • If associate tests positive, he/she must remain at home in isolation for a minimum of 10 days and must be symptom-free without use of fever-reducing agents, cough suppressants, etc., for at least 72 hours
  • Ancillary providers (i.e. home health, wound care, podiatry, etc.), will be permitted in those communities where permissible by state and/or local agencies.  All ancillary providers must adhere to community’s COVID protocols in order to enter (i.e. temperature and symptoms checks, donning surgical mask and face shield or goggles, hand-washing, etc.)
  • Medically necessary appointments outside the community when permissible by state and/or local agencies;  when a resident leaves with a family member or driver for an outside appointment, the resident and family member/driver will have temperatures checked prior to leaving and will don a surgical mask.  The family member/driver will also be required to complete a COVID symptoms questionnaire prior to leaving.  The family member/driver will be instructed to return to community immediately following each appointment.  Failure to comply may result in resident being placed in 14 day quarantine.  Upon return, resident and family member/driver will have temperatures checked and resident will be assisted with hand washing prior to returning to resident areas. 
  • Families are encouraged to participate in virtual visits of the residents via Skype or FaceTime or window visits where possible; all communities will continue to update their Facebook pages throughout the day to allow families to view daily happenings taking place within the community. 
  • Outdoor visits will occur where permissible by state and/or local agencies.  Visitors will be notified of protocols prior to visitation
  • All main entrances will remain locked to the general public; all visitors, deliveries, etc. must ring bell and require permission from community staff to enter; proper signage in place at front door of each community
  • All deliveries will continue to be made to the front lobby or directly to the proper department if the door does not lead to resident areas
  • All community tours will continue via virtual tour (video, Skype, or something similar)
  • All move-ins (where permissible) are to adhere to move-in procedures (see “Process to Begin Move-ins”)
  • If/when a resident is showing symptoms and/or tests positive dedicated staff will provide all care for that resident to avoid cross-contamination to other neighborhoods; all appropriate PPE to be worn by staff when care is provided; meals will be served in his/her room while in isolation when possible, using disposable plates, utensils, etc.
  • Resident temperatures are checked every morning an every evening
  • All residents with symptoms or who have tested positive will be placed in same neighborhood or same area when possible
  • Any symptomatic resident whose family declines COVID testing will be treated as positive.  The resident will be isolated for 14 days and all other COVID protocols will be implemented and followed
  • All frequently-touched surfaces (i.e. door handles, railings, etc.) are disinfected several times throughout the day as well as office equipment, phones, etc.
  • Walkie-talkies, pagers, etc. are cleaned in between shifts and in between uses
  • All surfaces are cleaned every shift and as needed
  • The local health department will continue to be notified for any positive resident and/or associate cases
  • Letters are sent to notify associates and family when a positive case occurs; update notifications are sent frequently to keep all aware of the progression
  • All neighborhoods will be closed off to other residents and staff if/when a resident develops symptoms or tests positive to attempt to prevent spreading of the virus
  • Communities with COVID-19 outbreak will have entire community disinfected by outside vendor twice weekly until outbreak has resolved; all communities will be provided this service with priority given to those with symptoms and/or positive cases
  • Surgical masks and face shields or goggles will be worn by all associates at all times
  • Appropriate PPE (N95 or KN95 mask, face shield or goggles, gloves and gowns) will be worn by all associates when providing direct care to any resident with symptoms or those who have confirmed COVID
  • A resident who has symptoms and/or tests positive will remain in the community as long as he/she does not have respiratory distress and as long as the resident can be safely managed in-house
  • If a resident requires hospitalization due to COVID, he/she will be placed in isolation for amount of time as determined by date of positive COVID test and when symptoms have completely resolved
  • If a resident is hospitalized for non-COVID reasons during this time, he/she will be placed in quarantine for 14 days upon return
  • Meal times will be scattered, whenever possible, to reduce the number of residents in the dining room at one time. Residents in the dining room will be spaced at least 6 feet apart from each other. When possible (and safe), residents with confirmed cases or symptoms will be served meals in their rooms.
  • Resident hydration will remain a focus of associates.  Associates will offer bottled water, flavored water, and Gatorade throughout the day.
  • Larger group activities, outside entertainment, outings, etc. have been suspended until further notice
  • Smaller programs, outside activities and 1:1 programming will continue
  • Each community may increase their levels of programming as determined by their “phase” or “color”
  • Each community will maintain par-levels of PPE as directed by CEO; it is the responsibility of the community to order all PPE when supplies are needed; in the event that the community is unable to obtain necessary supplies through our vendors or local providers, the community will contact the VP of Health and Wellness and/or their RDO for further guidance
  • Staffing concerns will be managed case-by-case 
  • Each community will be required to have contracts with two outside staffing agencies in case staffing needs cannot be met by community’s associates
  • All associates will receive “hazard” bonuses if/when their community is experiencing an outbreak

Artis Senior Living has implemented strict protocol to prevent, identify and contain the transmission of COVID 19 among staff and Residents.

  •  All staff and residents not previously testing positive have been tested to establish a baseline
  • All residents and staff will be monitored daily for temperature and any other COVID related symptoms  Any resident or staff member exhibiting symptoms will be tested within 24 hours and quarantined until results are received from our testing company AccessDX.  If there is a positive case, AccessDX will be used to test all staff and residents.
  • Once non-essential staff and workers begin to reenter the community they will be tested prior to return and will be screened daily.
  • Any Resident or staff member requiring advanced COVID care will be transferred to hospital immediately.
  • If residents are found to be positive the community will attempt to move positive residents together and staff will adhere to PPE guidelines to care for the residents.
  • All results of screening for both residents staff and visitors will be documented daily and communicated as appropriate.
  • The community Director of Health and Wellness will instruct staff on proper use of PPE and monitor compliance.  All staff will wear a face mask and face shield in the presence of residents or visitors.  Any employee caring for a positive resident will wear full PPE (gown, gloves, N95/KN95 mask and a face shield) Gowns and gloves must be changed and face shields sanitized between each resident.
  • The Artis community staffing pattern is currently above minimum standards. The community will continue to meet staffing requirements if need arises though staff from Artis communities in unaffected areas and the use of outside staffing agencies.
  • Artis will continue to use reduced size activities and multiple dining seating to allow our residents to social distance comfortably.
  • Artis will allow outdoor visitation in our spacious secure backyards.  Families will be asked to make an appointment. Upon arrival, family members will be screened for temperature and symptoms.  Entrance to the visitation area will be from an outside gate. Family members will wear face masks and social distance.  Staff will oversee from a safe, private distance to make sure that everyone remains safe.
  • Artis will continue to follow all state and local recommendations on operating standards and protocol and halt all reopening activities if county is moved to RED.

We continue to follow guidance daily from NCAL, AHCA, and local health departments.  The health and well-being of our residents and associates is and always will be our highest priority. We are regularly updating Artis family members via email, on social media and over the phone, but if you have an urgent question, as always, please reach out to the community’s Executive Director at any time.

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