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COVID-19 Updates 484-392-5573

COVID-19 Updates

Continued Focus on Safety

Throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic, Artis Senior Living and its communities have been proactive in providing comprehensive communication to residents, their families, our associates, and our professional partners. We remain committed to regular communication via our website, social media, phone calls, community events, Town Hall meetings, and more, with a goal of continued education on best practices to keep everyone safe as well as updates to our community operations and protocols.

As news of COVID-19 began to surface, Artis Senior Living immediately created a preparedness plan that included protocols specific to our communities and its residents, who are among the most vulnerable to this virus. To ensure that each decision was made with the latest science and research, we partnered with physicians from Johns Hopkins Medicine and created the Artis Safety Council. The council meets weekly to review existing protocols and ensure that each in still in best practice to protect the health and well-being of residents, associates, and their families.

Engagement Amid COVID-19

Even before COVID Artis Senior Living understood that those with dementia need social interaction and engagement to thrive. It is an important piece of The Artis Way philosophy, our unique approach to memory care. While loved ones are unable to spend much time in-person, we are keeping residents as connected as possible via phone and video calls as well as window and outdoor visits. And when they aren't connecting with loved ones, our residents are involved in any variety of community programming that has been planned with their unique interests in mind. It is imperative that our residents continue to have a voice in how they spend time each day, even while maintaining the necessary safety protocols.

If you have concerns relating to your loved one's level of engagement,  please reach out to the Director of The Artis Way Experience for your community.


We know that many states and even some care communities are beginning to “reopen”. While we can not speak to the risk that other communities are willing to take, we are planning a cautious approach that will balance the highest level of safety within the least restrictive environment.

We are reviewing changes that will promote more opportunities to connect within our communities. Each community’s executive director will share with residents and families any changes that directly impact a community. Through continued testing and monitoring the health of our residents, we will be able to identify the right time to loosen our quarantine restrictions as well as when those restrictions might be needed again.

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