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About Artis Senior Living

The Bainum family, with the assistance of leading health care executives, formed Artis Senior Living in 2012. Artis Senior Living is a premier developer-owner-operator of assisted living residences committed to providing the finest level of care through a compassionate dedication to each resident’s comfort and needs. Most of its residences are dedicated to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related memory disorders.

Today, Artis Senior Living benefits from the Bainum’s long-term focus and investment in the senior living industry, as well as the experience of a seasoned management team with over 25+ years of collaboration in the senior living market. Two generations of Bainum family members are active in the oversight of Artis Senior Living, among other family businesses, including holding seats on boards of directors. 

 Artis Senior Living’s nationwide portfolio includes fifteen assisted living communities in operation or under construction, and over 30 communities in various stages of planning and development.

Artis Senior Living


The Bainum family has successfully created and operated businesses in a variety of areas since 1944, including senior living and health care residences (nursing, assisted living, memory care assisted living and independent living), hospitality, multi-family housing, real estate development, pharmacies, hospitals, and construction. The late Stewart Bainum, Sr. opened his first state-of-the-art nursing center in 1960, which ultimately led to the formation of Manor Care, Inc. Manor Care grew to over 200 senior living and health care residences nationwide before merging into HCR Manor Care in 1998. Stewart Bainum, Sr. also founded Choice Hotels International (NYSE: CHH).

A timeline showing important points in the history of Artis Senior Living


1959: Skilled Nursing

Stewart Bainum, Sr. develops his first nursing home in 1959. The company grows into the nation's leading provider of high-quality skilled nursing care which became known as Manor Care in the late 1960s.


1983: Memory Care Units

Manor Care introduces memory care units into its skilled nursing facilities; also expands into pharmacy, therapy, and sub-acute care.

1986: Assisted Living

Manor Care develops its first general assisted living residence.


1993: Memory Care Assisted Living

Manor Care, led by key Artis team members, was an early leader in developing assisted living as an alternative to skilled nursing, diversifying into the new industry with its Arden Courts residence for seniors with memory loss and Springhouse for general assisted living residents.

1998: Manor Care Merges with HCR

The Bainum family begins divesting itself of ownership and control of Manor Care.

1999: Somerford Corp

Some of the Artis team members form Somerford to develop living facilities with a primary memory care focus. Locations include the mid-Atlantic region and California.


2008: Somerford Sale

Somerford, with a portfolio of memory care and general assisted living residences developed, acquired, or managed by the company, is sold.

2010: Great Falls Assisted Living

Artis team members apply over almost 20 years of lessons learned in developing the latest generation of memory care assisted living residences outside of Washington DC. The community receives exceptional reviews while building a strong reputation.

2012: Artis Senior Living

The Artis team joins with the Bainum family again to develop memory care and general assisted living residences.